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Israel Rail Authority

Establishing the concept of operation and the response plan for Israeli Railroad Company dealing with: War, Earthquake, Accidents and ChemBio terror event

ISRATEAM leading by B. General Avi Bachar is currently working at  macro and micro level of detail preparing a  response plan dealing with all the Emergency situations:

The project included

1. Risk analysis, assessment and threats definition.

2. Evaluating existing emergency planes and equipment capabilities.

3. Defining possible scenarios for War, Erthquake, Terror activist, Big Accidents and ChemBio terror .

4. Establishing comprehensive emergency plans for the different threats..

5. Preparing manuals and Standard Operational Procedures for the different departments in the Railroad Company.

6. Planning the evacuation of the casualties together with the Israeli EMS ( Magen David Adom).

7. Designing protected and strengthening buildings, structure elements and alert systems, monitoring and scanning systems, etc.

8. Consulting on protection gear, identification and decontamination equipment.

9. Establishing and implementing training programs.

10. Designing Command, Control and Communication systems for emergencies

11. Designing and conducting integrated exercises and training programs with the Police. EMS, HFC and all the other Emergency organizations involving with the event.