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Can you control or prevent media publicity in emergency events?
There is no way to prevent media publicity. However, the right way is to use the media as an efficient information channel to the public in need.
Who is the commander in a mass disaster event?
There isn't one answer to this question. In most countries around the world the command and responsibility on the event will be the police's. however, it's advisable that all the participating agencies will be coordinated and hopefully an agreed commandment will be established.
What are the duties of the Fire-Fighting department?
The Fire Fighters have a very important role in the immediate response in any mass casualty's event. Their duties are extinguishing fire, rescuing trapped people at high floors or under the ruins. In most countries around the world the Fire Fighters are responsible for the handling of dangerous materials.
Is it necessary to treat the wounded population at the site or to evacuate them to hospitals A.S.A.P?
It depends on time and distance. Usually in an event inside the city, the right answer will be to evacuate the injured population to the hospital A.S.A.P, where they will get the best treatment.
Can we forecast Earthquakes, and can we warn the endangered area ahead of time?
There are risk assessments along the major active faults in the world for Earthquakes hazards. The seismologic institutes know these; however we cannot yet foresee the exact next Earthquakes event. Nevertheless we can certainly make some assessments for the possible magnitude and take actions to limit and minimize the potential damage.
What are the duties of the local municipality?
In many countries around the world the local municipality and its' head has a total responsibility to the preparedness and to the ability to respond to emergency events. But also in the countries where the national authorities operate the emergency organizations, the local authorities have many duties as well. The proper response mostly encountered deal with the population handling.
Is the Chem.-Bio terror threat real?
Terror organizations are having troubles in "operating" conventional terror as they have a problem with penetrating and transporting explosives. On the other hand, Chem.-Bio materials are easy to get, their impact is potentially larger and threatening; so, we regret to say that the threat is very real.
Can you find existing equipment for detecting explosives?
Many countries around the world are investing great efforts in developing explosives detecting equipment. There are number of existing equipment which are able to detect explosives but there are ways to overcome the detectors; therefor we must act with extreme caution.
As a citizen that lives in the 20th floor, what should I do in case of a fire?
As you know, the hydraulic ladders can not give answer beyond the 11th floor. Therefor your sensitivity and attention should be very high regarding the fire-detectors, extinguishing materials and the escape routes. You should go to your nearest Fire-Fighting station to receive guidance or you can also check our web site for the same matter.
Can we strengthen existing structures against Earthquakes?
There are methods to test the strength of a structure and to determine the required additional strengthening system (if needed) in order to fulfill the standard or building codes of the area and relevant risk.
Are the hospitals trained and prepared to handle a mass casualty's event?
In countries and cities where there is great awareness to the disaster preparedness, hospitals are a part of the response plans and they can handle large disasters.
Can we send you specific questions?
We will be happy to receive questions, and we will answer them as best as we can.