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Seminar on Emergency Response and Crisis Management

The Company did several seminars for International commanders and also for MA students from NYC. In this seminars  we  present our knowledge from our experience. We  bring to the seminar the top commanders of the different organizations in Israel. We also  visit the most advance emergency organizations; this organization had so mach experience to shear with the seminar's participates.

If the clients likes as to give them some advice about, how to build a response doctrine, we have to make short study on the organizations and capability in there countries.



  1. The Steps Needed in Preparing for a National Disaster Plan
  2. The Threat of International Terrorism.
  3. The Israeli response to the terrorism challenge.
  4.   Psychological and Sociological Profile of the Suicidal Terrorist,
  5. The Israel Police’s Preparations for Counter Terrorism and Handling Mass Disasters.
  6. Organization in Israel for Handling: War and "Mega-Terror"  and the Home Front Command.
  7. The Israeli  Integrated Response to a Chemical, Biological and Radiological  Terror Attack.
  8. Population conduct in a disaster.
  9. Medical lessons learned from terror attacks in Israel
  10. Organization of the Health System for a National Disaster.
  11. Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence ( C4I)  in a disaster Operation.
  12. The National Information & Response Center: The Hazmat Response   Doctrine,
  13. The Media’s Response to National Disaster.
  14. Multi-Disciplinary Physical Protection for All Kinds of Threats.
  15. Israeli earthquake readiness and annual training program for schools.
  16. The national economy in times of emergency.


  1. Visit to the National Fire Fighter’s Control Center, in Petach- Tekva, Meeting with the Israeli Fire and Rescue Commissioner.
  2. Visit to Magen David Adom Center: Israeli Medical First Aid Organization, in Petach- Tekva. Meeting with the General operation Commander .
  3.   Visit to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem: Hospital         Organization for Responding to Terrorist Attacks,
  4. Tour along the Anti-Terrorism Barrier: Presentation of the Concept and the Means – Colonel (res.) Oliver Eliezer.
  5. Jerusalem Municipal Control Center and the City’s Preparedness for Terror Attacks – Colonel (res.) Oliver Eliezer.
  6. Visit of MABAT 2000 the Police System for Protecting the Old City