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The Home Lend Security Team



Proposal for preparing the city  


For WMD terror events


The Terrorism Threat


Our Nation learned a painful lesson on September 11. American soil is not immune to evil or cold-blooded enemies capable of unprecedented acts of mass murder and terror. The worst of these enemies – and target number one in our war on terrorism – is the terrorist network Al Qaeda. A new wave of terrorism, involving new weapons, looms in


’s future. It is a challenge unlike any ever faced by our Nation. But we are not daunted. We possess the resources and the determination to defeat our enemies and work to secure our homeland against the threats they pose.


President George W. Bush, Executive Order 13228, Section 2, October 8, 2001


 With a proper Crises and Consequence Management system, planning and preparedness - Organization, training and Equipment - the terrorism impact can be prevented or mitigated.


The White House document gathers into one comprehensive whole several doctrines for prevention, deterrence and defense that Bush has enunciated since taking office, including a commitment to boost programs aimed at containing the damage of any chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack.




AP) Dec.11.2002



ISRATEAM is a professional team of Israeli Civil Defense high-ranking reserve officers, who served formerly in the Israeli Home Front Command, IDF .


The team has extensive experience, both in


and internationally, in assessing potential threats, analyzing strategies and enhancing preparedness and disaster response planning.


ISRATEAM members leading by B. general (rsr.) Avi Bachar have played an active role in defining the Israeli Doctrine for war and for  WMD terror events, establish the emergency planning and the early national preparedness procedures for the Civil Defense and the Police  in Israel, .


The team has established and implemented training programs for rescue and emergency units for Bio-Chemical terrorism, earthquakes and other natural and man made disasters.  


ISRATEAM is a professional team for Crisis and Consequence Management.




Disasters, whether caused by natural events, War, WMD Terror or accidents - may cause loss of life, severe disruptions of social structures and material losses, causing a severe economic and psychological burden on any nation.


With a proper Crises and Consequence Management system, planning and preparedness - Organization, training and Equipment  - this impact can be prevented or mitigated.



With our expertise and know-how, we can save you plenty of time and money and lead you to the correct solutions according to your specific needs and resources.




As an example of emergency preparedness planning, we may demonstrate the following planning stags and assessment chart:






We will start our project with a tow days conference to give the main idea of our services to the first responders and municipality leaders of  the City.



The proposed conference


 1.Introduction , "the steps needed to build a response plan for WMD terror event"+ movie-


 The police and other first responder's organizations response-.



By Avi Bachar


 2.Characteristics of a chemical terror event-


The evolution of the  nonconventional terror in the world,


Chemical warfare and Hazmat  material,


First clinical symptoms



By Kalman Shetadler


 3. Response principals in the hot zoon


First responders and Low enforcement tasks and duties, 


Operational principals and response time schedule


By Avi Bachar


 4. Protective gear and decontamination


Risk assessment and monitoring,


The levels of protection needed in the deferent tasks


Decontamination of :people, open spaces  and close spaces



By Kalman Shetadler


 5.The medical response to a chemical terror event- movie


Various possibilities - entering the contaminated zone?  protective gear, emergency treatment and  stabilization at site, day and night operating implications' decontamination of the casualties and the first responders

By  Kalman Shetadler


 6.. Warfare agents and possible Hazmat materials- 


 Main clinical symptoms and needed medical treatment-


 By Medical Doctor.


 7. Hospital preparedness for Mass casualty Chemical event.


With and  without decontamination, the medical treatment in the hospital-


 By Medical Doctor


 8. The municipality responsibilities.


By Avi Bachar


 9. Public treatment-


Information center, psychological assistance-.


 Kalman Shetadler



10. Panel


Our following services consist of:


1. Risk analysis, assessment and threats definition.

2. Defining policies and possible emergency scenarios for WMD terror events.

3. Defining policies for Biological attack on Agriculture and Water infrastructure.

4. Developing organizational and operational combined responds doctrines.

5. Establishing comprehensive emergency plans and Standard Operational Procedures.

6. Designing protected buildings, structure elements, alert systems, monitoring and scanning systems, .

7. Consulting on organization and equipment for Search and Rescue Teams, First Responders and EMS personnel (protection gear, identification and decontamination equipment).

8. Designing and conducting population's early preparedness campaign.

9. Designing Command, Control and Communication systems for emergencies.

10. Designing and conducting integrated exercises and training programs.