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Civil Defense

Taking an Active and Comprehensive Role in Developing the National Doctrine of Civil Defense,  Population Management and Terror Mitigation


ISRATEAM’s staff, served as pioneering staff of the HFC staff in its formative stages, and under the command of Brig. Gen. Avi Bachar as the Chief of Staff, laid the base and foundation of the HFC operation doctrine for the Home Front and population protection.

Col. Yori Sofrin was the Director and leader of the Civil Protection

Division of the HFC and responsible for population preparedness to deal with war and disaster events. He built the ongoing perception of the need and methodology for guiding the population during the period of preparedness and during the actual event.

During the period of high alertness and public tension at the time of the Iraq crisis of 1998, Col.(res.) Yori Sofrin, played an active role as the HFC spokesman and conducted the intense public relations campaign with the media (local and international)  and the public.

Col. Kalman Shtadler was the head of Doctrine and Development Division of the HFC and was responsible for doctrine development as well as definition of the necessary operational steps to be taken.

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